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Based out of West Chester, PA., Douglas Brothers Landscaping have been providing customers quality tree and landscaping services since 2002.

They had an old logo that they loved, but it only existed on shirts that were printed years ago. A5 CREATIVE was tasked with recreating the logo, while upgrading it to last for years to come.

The Original

This is the shirt.

That's all we had to start from.

But it was enough.


The Process

We started by taking the picture of the shirt logo, imported into photoshop, and made a black and white knockout version. That allowed us to convert the raster image into vector art in Illustrator, which we could then edit as needed. The second step was to replace the stretched out old font with a contemporary slab serif one that still kept the essence of the original. We also removed the base of the tree to reduce clutter and give the wordmark room to breathe.  Finally, we refined the tree a bit further, and brought back the second part of the wordmark with a complementary sans serif font.


The Result

The latest iteration of the Douglas Brothers Landscaping logo is a natural progression from the previous version. We were able to keep the signature tree brandmark, and gave the wordmark new life.

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