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The Downingtown Young Whippets youth football and cheer program teaches kids critical fundamentals in football and cheer with a safety first focus, along with competitive skills that help kids shine in sports, and in life.

As the start of a new season approached, DYW wanted a new logo that would give them a unique identity and garner excitement as they begin to promote for registrations.

Key Considerations

Although these boys and girls will one day be part of the Downingtown High School West Whippets, the Young Whippets wanted an identity of their own. They've been using logo variations of the high school's, but there wasn't a strong attachment to it. Plus, they had so many different adaptations of the main logo, it was making it harder to see a common look and feel. We definitely had to keep the same color palette, but after that we had the freedom to make the new mark truly individual.

The Process

The first step was researching sports and dog logos. We wanted to make sure we weren't making a logo that everyone else had already done. Right away it was clear that the leaping dog image was what needed to be avoided (plus that's what the high school logo was already using). The natural solution was to focus on the whippet head. It would be different while having a good shape that would make it easy to use in many applications.


Once the overall shape was established, it was time to make refinements and give it a personality... without being too angry.


The Result

The DYW board loved the new logo and direction we showed them. During the first round of edits they were already excited envisioning the whippet logo on hats and jerseys. The final piece was adding a new iteration of the DYW monogram and icon lockup, a key staple of their previous identity.


The new Downingtown Young Whippets logo gives them a singular look and personality that matches the kids' intensity on and off the fields.

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