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Optimal Construction Group are general contractors in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs providing the highest quality construction and general construction services. 

They asked us to design a logo that was abstract, simple, and unique. Most importantly, they wanted it to stand out from their competitors with the look and feel.

Key Components

Icon and Wordmark

The guys at OCG knew they wanted their primary logo iteration to feature a custom icon alongside their company name. This meant that both pieces had to be designed with equal weight and visual consideration.


When it came to the overall expression of the logo, it needed to be different from the stock art construction logos you could easily find online. You know the ones with a hammer or a house with the letters in it. It not only had to work in relation to construction, but it also had to represent the ideas of design, architecture, and modernity.

The Process

The Icon

Matt from OCG supplied us with an initial sketch he did for inspiration. From that sketch we were able to extrapolate the basic elements into a new icon.


The Wordmark

Just like the icon, the wordmark had to be custom built. We started with a bold font, and then made it bolder. From there, it was a matter of refining the individual letters' counters, and kerning everything to precision.


The Result

The final logo for Optimal Construction Group is one that represents their style and personality. It's an abstract icon and bold wordmark that still communicates what they do with assertiveness and strength, while standing apart from a typical construction or architecture logo. 


To accompany the main horizontal and vertical logos, we designed a monogram. It can be utilized as a secondary logo choice, or when space is limited.


The final piece within the logo set is the small sized icon and monogram. This logo is a customized version of the OCG logo elements that works specifically at the smallest sizes when the full logo would be illegible.

The Optimal Construction Group logo embodies strength and precision, while being flexible and adaptable.

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