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Uniquely ALu (Ā-Loo) is Amanda. Amanda is Uniquely ALu. She makes personalized items with a touch of flare. She wanted a logo with as much personality as her designs. So how do you make a logo that's out of the box for a company that sends things in a box?

Key Components

The only requirement for the logo was that it had to be in navy blue...


...and maybe a splash of pink.

The Process

We knew right away that this logo needed to be comprised of the key letters. So we started combining them in every way we could think of. Smooth flowing. Boxy. Abstract. You name it, we tried it.


Next up were the patterns. With a company that relies on creativity, their brand needed the reflect the same soul. By utilizing the letters again, we created several patterns that could be utilized in any medium.


The Result

Uniquely ALu is set up for success with a logo wordmark that exemplifies their name, and a versatile brand to support their wildest dreams.

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